Rewrite your skin history… cross out Acne

Acne can affect all skin types and all ages, and may be caused by a combination of genetics, hormone changes, health, stress and or environmental factors. Hormones can stimulate excess sebum (or oil) production, In turn excess oil, dry skin and debris combined can become trapped in the pore. If the pore becomes blocked the acne bacteria can cause inflammation and can make the skin more susceptible to other bacteria.

Image of facial acne on a woman, before Dermapen treatment.

Dermapen 4

Image of the Dermapen 4 Microneedling device.
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Dermapen MicroNeedling regenerates the affected area by stimulating the production and distribution of collagen. This is achieved when the 12 or 16 needle cartridge glides over the skin, creating up to 1920 fractional microchannels per second that penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, triggering the body’s natural wound healing response. The result is an overall improvement in the appearance of problematic skin breakouts, black/whiteheads, acne reduced, and scarring minimised.


Depending on your symptoms, a certified clinic typically recommends:






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Choosing the right skincare products will improve your results and help you meet your goals.
Your clinic should recommend the following products to assist your treatment:

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3D Sculptured Mask
An innovative cloth mask that delivers potent hydration and healing repair for a stronger and more resilient feeling skin.
Retinal Active
An intense infusion of Vitamin A, this powerful combination of ingredients, includes repair and rejuvenation properties and anti-aging anti-oxidants. Combats skin damage from sun and aging.
Cover Recover
A breathable SPF30 medicated camouflage foundation, using cutting edge technology to provide superior cooling, moisturising and healing properties.
Antioxidant Cocktail
This powerful combination of ingredients, includes repair and rejuvenation properties and anti-aging antioxidants.