Reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles… with the Fractional Million Makeover

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As we get older we start to show signs of ageing, especially in our faces by accruing fine lines & wrinkles. Pollution and lifestyle habits also take their toll on our skin.


Our skin shows signs of ageing in different ways, but the most common areas are usually:

  • Crow’s feet / laughter lines

    This is often where wrinkles and fine lines show first. Small wrinkles spread outwards from your outer-eye after years of smiling and concentrating.

  • Lipstick lines

    Delicate areas around the lips form expression lines, causing unsightly lipstick “bleeding” and uneven contours around your smile. Often these fine lines around the lips look like “smokers lines”, even if you don’t smoke.

  • Deeper expression lines

    Untreated fine lines and wrinkle will develop into deeper expression lines such as “frown lines” on your forehead (known as Glabellar lines).

  • Sagging skin

    The natural age process, free radical damage and non active skincare regime may lead to saggy skin – areas often neglected such as the neck and decolloté, skin surrounding the ears, back of hands, back of the neck/hair line are often tell-tale areas of aging skin.

  • Uneven skin tone

    A natural sign of aging can be uneven skin tone, particularly for those who expose their skin regularly to the elements. Sun Damage and pigmentation is a leading indication for those seeking to undergo Dermapen microneedling treatments.


Our skin’s renewal process slows down as we age, so Dermapen Treatments are the safe, natural alternative to fight the aging process. Clinical Dermapen Treatments along with other combination therapies can produce amazing results. What’s more, Dermapen treatments naturally work from within. The natural wound-healing responses created by microneedling treatments will kick start the production of collagen and elastin production.


Dermapen 4

Image of the Dermapen 4 Microneedling device.
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Dermapen treatments can commence on the onset or before fine lines take hold. Requiring 2-3 clinical treatments to make all the difference. For best results we recommend DP Dermaceuticals, the world’s first meso-infusion skincare range exclusively designed for micro-needling procedures. These active meso-glide combinations are protocols endorsed by thousands of practitioners around the globe for safe infusion into the skin during skin needling procedures.


Depending on your symptoms, a certified clinic typically recommends:






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DP Dermaceuticals

Choosing the right skincare products will improve your results and help you meet your goals.
Your clinic should recommend the following products to assist your treatment:

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Anti-Aging Essentials Kit
Ultimate Rescue Kit to combat the signs of aged, sun-damaged skin. Vitamin Rich Repair is your supercharge kickstart to protect your skin against the daily attack of free radical damage.
Pre/Post Rejuv Protocol Kit
This specific homecare protocol kit serves as Non-Negotiables to ensure the best results when combined with Dermapen skin needling procedures.
3D Sculptured Mask
An innovative cloth mask that delivers potent hydration and healing repair for a stronger and more resilient feeling skin.
Retinal Active
An intense infusion of Vitamin A, this powerful combination of ingredients, includes repair and rejuvenation properties and anti-aging anti-oxidants. Combats skin damage from sun and aging.