Erasing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the discolouration of skin caused by internal physical factors and/or external factors which can include hormonal changes, sun exposure, skin type, trauma and the skin’s natural ageing process. Presenting as areas of uneven skin tone, darkness, age spots or freckles, pigmentation occurs when excess melanin (skin pigment) has been stimulated. Surface pigmentation (Epidermal or Superficial) usually affects lighter skin tones and is usually created by sun damage, for example; Sun spots, Age spots, Freckles. Deeper Pigmentation (Dermal) can be caused by trauma, medications and hormonal factors, and can be manifested by Pigmented acne scarring, Birthmarks, Chloasma/Melasma.


Dermapen 4

Image of the Dermapen 4 Microneedling device.
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Dermapen Treatments are highly effective for treating hyperpigmentation, particularly on dark skin colours, where laser treatments may not be the safest option (Due to further pigmentation risks). The treatment creates up to 1,920 fractional microchannels per second into the skin to promote a more balances and normalised cellular function. As melanocytes (pigment producing cells) are directly targeted, a repair and corrective process encourages an even skin tone creating a radiant appearance.


Depending on your symptoms, a certified clinic typically recommends:






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Choosing the right skincare products will improve your results and help you meet your goals.
Your clinic should recommend the following products to assist your treatment:

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3D Sculptured Mask
An innovative cloth mask that delivers potent hydration and healing repair for a stronger and more resilient feeling skin.
Retinal Active
An intense infusion of Vitamin A, this powerful combination of ingredients, includes repair and rejuvenation properties and anti-aging anti-oxidants. Combats skin damage from sun and aging.
Cover Recover
A breathable SPF30 medicated camouflage foundation, using cutting edge technology to provide superior cooling, moisturising and healing properties.
Antioxidant Cocktail
This powerful combination of ingredients, includes repair and rejuvenation properties and anti-aging antioxidants.